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Traffic Management & Communications Center

The Maine Turnpike Authority’s Traffic Management and Communications Center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  The Center provides emergency and non-emergency communications for all Maine Turnpike Authority personnel, our contractors, Fire and EMS providers responding to incidents on the Turnpike, our safety patrol, and Maine State Police Troop G in cooperation with the Department of Public Safety Communications Center in Augusta.  Our center employs seven full time Communications Specialists, one Communications Supervisor, and one Manager.  We fall under the direction of the Director of Public Safety and Special Services.

The Maine Turnpike Authority’s Traffic Management and Communications Center can be reached directly at (207) 871-7701.
A wall off traffic cameras video feeds
Incidents and Services
The Maine Turnpike Authority TMCC implemented a Computer Aided Dispatch program in 2010.  As the system has evolved, we have been able to personalize our call types to better track the specific information that is pertinent to the Authority.  In 2013, The Maine State Police Troop G started calling their motor vehicle stops into our center in an effort to improve officer safety.  Our Center processes several thousand calls annually.  These calls include, but are not limited to: motor vehicle crashes, medical emergencies, vehicle fires, disabled vehicles, motor vehicle violations, and debris in the road.   Our call statistics are below:
Year Number of Calls for Service
2010 9,769
2011 14,061
2012 14,622
2013 33,617
2014 26,942
2015 29,959
2016 34,157
2017 33,294
2018 29,390






Service Area

The Maine Turnpike encompasses I-95 from .02 miles above the NH state line to mile 108.8 in Augusta.  It also includes the Falmouth Spur which runs between Exit 52 and Interstate 295.  

Variable Message Boards and Variable Speed Limit Signs

The Traffic Management and Communications Center (TMCC) operates 43 variable message board signs that are placed along the Turnpike and at interchanges to notify travelers of changes in travel conditions.  There are eight (8) variable speed limit signs located at our open road toll locations that are also operated by the TMCC.

Variable Message Board that says Southbound On Ramp Closed 9 PM to 5 AM

Highway Advisory Radio/Emergency Beacons

The TMCC operates the Maine Turnpike Authority’s Highway Advisory Radio network located at 1610 AM.  This network consists of twelve, low-power, AM transmitters located along the turnpike corridor. 

The TMCC posts messages about any changes in traffic conditions, speed reductions, and construction projects that will impact traffic.  Twenty-nine fixed signs equipped with flashing, amber beacons alert travelers to tune into 1610 AM.

Highway Advisory Radio sign on the Maine Turnpike
Flashing 45 MPH Signs

The TMCC operates seventeen flashing 45 MPH advisory signs located along the Turnpike to notify travelers of speed reductions on the highway.

Closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras

The TMCC monitors traffic conditions along the Turnpike via twelve closed circuit television cameras and four portable trailer-mounted cameras.

Roadway Weather Information Systems (RWIS)

The TMCC monitors RWIS systems in four locations for changes in weather/road surface conditions.

Email Alerts

The TMCC operates the web/email alert system that allows subscribers to sign up for emails to alert them to a variety of conditions on the Turnpike and I-295.  These conditions include, but are not limited to; crashes, vehicle fires, traffic delays, disabled vehicles, and speed reductions.  There are currently over 10,000 subscribers to our Turnpike email alerts.

An example of an email alert
ATMS/Compass and Waze

The TMCC utilizes the “New England Compass” advanced traffic management system, in cooperation with Maine Department of Transportation, New Hampshire Department of Transportation, and Vermont Department of Transportation.  Planned construction projects, incidents, delays, and speed reductions are all entered into this program and is subsequently made available to consumers  via the “New England 511” website and third party application developers, such as “Waze”.

A map of New England 511

Lane Closure Report

The TMCC produces the Maine Turnpike Authority Weekly Lane Closure report that is published on the Turnpike Authority Web Page and is distributed to both our media and public safety partners.  The link to view the report is:  http://www.maineturnpike.com/Traveler-Services/Weekly-Construction-Advisories.aspx


The Maine Turnpike Authority’s Traffic Management and Communications Center can be reached directly at (207) 871-7701.