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Construction Related Documents

The Authority supplemental specifications are based upon Maine Department of Transportation Standard Specifications dated November 2014. 

MTA 2016 Supplemental Specifications​

Maine DOT Prequal List
Maine DOT Standard Specifications 
Maine Turnpike Authority Special Provisions:  Use of Explosives
Maine Turnpike Authority Special Provisions:  Requirements for EEO and Civil Rights for Construction Contracts

The October 2021 Revision of the MTA Traffic Control Plans are the most recent revision of previous plans used by MTA Maintenance forces. These plans are updated periodically and are used by MTA maintenance forces for setting up needed traffic control for planned maintenance activities. They are also available to others who may need to set up traffic control on the Turnpike as guidance to what might be acceptable to the MTA. Any Traffic control set up on the MTA must be pre-approved by MTA engineering. Appendices for specific areas such as Kittery Exit, 1, 2 & 3; Exit 44 In Scarborough and Exit 103 in West Gardiner are being updated and will be added to website in near future.
MTA 2021 Traffic Control Plans

MTA Lane Closure Best Practices (Set Up & Take Down)

Narrow Median Shoulder Closure Left Lane 
Wide Median Shoulder Single Lane Left
Single Lane Right at Ramp
Single Right Lane Closure