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2020.05 ORT Equipment Updates-West Gardiner & New Gloucester

Construction Contract Info
Contractor: Scott Construction Corporation
Bid Amount:  $928,208.00
Projected Completion Date:  April 16, 2021


West Gardiner Open Road Tolling Plaza (2018)

Project Scope: In New Gloucester, the works consists of removing the top three inches of the concrete slab in the Open Road Tolling (ORT) lanes and replacing it with a three inch concrete wearing surface. The work also includes installation of sensors into the new concrete wearing surface, relocating existing ORT toll equipment, installation of new toll equipment on the existing spaceframes, and replacing signals in the cash lanes. In West Gardiner, the work consisted of relocating existing ORT toll equipment, installing new toll equipment on the existing spaceframes and replacing signals in the cash lanes.

** Update on New Gloucester ORT Lanes** January 13, 2021

Maine Turnpike’s New Gloucester Toll Plaza was the first Open Road Toll (ORT) plaza on the Turnpike.   Its highway speed tolling lanes opened to traffic on April 1, 2013.   There are several sensory systems as part of the toll collection equipment at the plaza. 
Many of these systems are embedded in concrete pads in the highway under the gantries. The life of this equipment is defined by the concrete pad’s ability to avoid deterioration and water penetration.  Once moisture attacks the loops, they will corrode and start to fail.
The New Gloucester ORT Plaza was constructed with highly durable, carefully grouted concrete that has lasted seven years.  However, moisture made its way through the concrete and the equipment started to corrode and fail.
Starting in mid-2020, Scott Construction was hired to remove the pads, set new loops, pour pads and apply a new and improved epoxy wearing surface.  The work also included some adjacent paving. This work was completed in the Fall of 2020.
In late December 2020, the toll equipment contractor, Transcore, started testing the new loop sensors with highway speed test traffic to make sure that they classify vehicles with 99% reliability, as MTA requires. Much of this work is done behind the scenes and therefore leaves the lanes looking as if no work is happening even though there is plenty of fine tuning going on.
Once the testing is complete, likely in February 2021, all the work will be complete except for the lane striping, which is weather dependent as  it cannot be done in wet or cold weather. MTA may be able to do it during a break in winter weather if temperatures allow. The lane striping must occur before we can safely reopen the lanes. We hope to open the plaza in March.


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