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2018.20 York Toll Plaza Open Road Tolling Relocation Project at Mile 8.8


The plaza opened at 12:01AM on September 15th.

Click here to see a timelapse video of the the construction of the plaza
For information about the demolition of the old plaza please go here

Construction Contract
Contractor: Reed & Reed
Bid Amount:  $39,484,431.00
Projected Completion Date: September, 2021

It includes reconstruction of mainline to accommodate approach and departure lanes at the new toll plaza, construction of a precast pedestrian tunnel for employee access and utilities, driveway from Chases Pond Road, parking lot and Administration Building. The work also includes the installation of tolling equipment in the tunnel, canopy, and toll booth and maintenance of traffic.
  After the project is complete, additional work will be necessary at Mile 7.3.  It will include demotilition of the existing 17-lane toll plaza, tunnel and administration building, removal of existing utilities and driveway and reconstruction of the existing facility to a three lane highway southbound and a four lane highway northbound.

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