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CFX / E-ZPass Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my E-ZPass work in Florida?
Beginning September 1, 2018, E-ZPass will be accepted on the Central Florida Expressway Authority’s 118-mile toll road network in Metro Orlando which includes downtown Orlando and surrounding communities. Click here to see a roadway map of where E-ZPass is accepted.

CFX is the only toll operator in Florida that accepts E-ZPass. E-ZPass users that travel out of network and are unable to pay with cash may receive Toll-By-Plate invoices from other Florida tolling agencies.
Will I be charged any additional administrative fees for using my E-ZPass on Central Florida Expressway roadways?
No. Your E-ZPass account will only be charged the actual tolls on Central Florida Expressway roadways – see the toll rates listed here.
What will I be charged for using my E-ZPass on Central Florida Expressway roadways?
Your E-ZPass will be charged the same electronic toll rate as E-PASS customers are charged on Central Florida Expressway-owned roads. Go to https://www.cfxway.com/for-travelers/tolls/toll-rates-savings/ to see toll rates.

What happens if I drive on a Florida toll road that is out of network (not part of the E-ZPass network), such as those operated by FTE/SunPass?
If you drive to Florida in your own car and use toll roads that are out of the E-ZPass network, you may receive a Toll-By-Plate invoice from other Florida toll agencies.

Can I use my E-ZPass in a rental car in Florida?
Yes you can, it will work on Central Florida Expressway Authority roads (shown on the above map) where you will incur Central Florida Expressway Authority’s local toll rates that will be automatically deducted from your E-ZPass account.

However, because there are multiple toll agencies in Florida that do not accept cash or E-ZPass, you will need to enroll in your rental car toll program for travel on non-CFX toll roads. Your rental car agency, or its associated third-party vendors, will charge you the fees in your rental agreement to collect the tolls. For details on specific rental car programs, contact your local rental car agency as each has separate programs and fees associated with electronic toll usage.

Will my E-PASS work in E-ZPass states?
No. But soon the Central Florida Expressway Authority, in cooperation with E-ZPass, will be releasing a multi-state toll transponder called E-PASS Xtra that will work everywhere E-ZPass and E-PASS are accepted.

When will E-ZPass be accepted at other Florida toll facilities? 
There are ongoing discussions with other Florida toll agencies.  E-ZPass continues to work with other toll agencies and regions to establish national interoperability of tolling systems and will provide more details as they are available.