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About MTA

The Maine Turnpike Authority is a quasi-state agency created by the Maine Legislature in 1941, to construct, manage and operate the 109-mile toll highway from Kittery to Augusta. Completed in 1947, the Maine Turnpike became the second superhighway built in America—the Pennsylvania Turnpike was the first. Since its inception, the Maine Turnpike has set national standards for the way it is financed, maintained and continually improved.

Mission of the MTA

The Maine Turnpike Authority and its employees will continue to be national leaders in the user fee highway travel and significant contributors to Maine's transportation system. The Authority's primary function is to operate and maintain a toll express highway through its short term and long term capital improvement plans.
Goals and Objectives
  • To manage a top quality highway serving Maine, providing the link between the Maine Department of Transportation and the rest of the United States and Eastern Canada.
  • To seek innovative ways to improve service, building on our customer responsive tradition.
  • To affect traffic movement that will encourage commerce, and emphasize safety.
  • To provide excellent maintenance on a daily and long-term basis.
  • To provide quality service at a reasonable cost to Turnpike patrons.
  • To involve the talents and experience of our employees.
  • To use tolls, fees and the Maine Turnpike Authority's unique revenue bonding capability to build partnerships that will benefit Maine transportation.
  • To serve as facilitator for additional corridor needs.
  • To assist in implementing corridor improvements that clearly demonstrate benefits relevant to the Maine Turnpike.
  • To cooperate with local, regional, state and federal policies and initiatives.
  • To be sensitive to Maine's special environmental heritage.