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2021.05 York Toll Plaza Demolition

Contractor: Sargent Corp.
Bid Amount: $12,245,677.50
Projected Completion Date:  October 7, 2022



Project Scope: The work consists of highway and site work required to demolish the existing toll plaza and reconstruction of the highway. The work at Mile 7.3 consists of demolition of the existing 17-lane toll plaza, tunnel, removal of existing utilities, and reconstruction of the existing plaza to a three (3) lane highway southbound and a four (4) lane highway northbound. The work includes earthwork, pavement, concrete, toll plaza and tunnel demolition, signing, overhead sign structures, concrete barrier, guardrail, electrical work, and lighting.

Traffic patterns will be shifting frequently in the area of the demolition project starting the morning of September 15th.  Next, crews will dismantle the old plaza with a sequenced removal of the tollbooth canopy and a series of lane shifts to allow workers to complete the task safely  and with minimal inconvenience to travelers.

Through the winter the travel lanes will be in the center while crews complete the demolition of the outer portions of the plaza.

Please drive safely in the work zones.

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