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Highway Safety

Safety is our priority. Making the road safe for our patrons to travel on is important and we hope these tips remind you to be careful while driving on the Maine Turnpike.
Safe Traveling
  • slow-work-zone-ahead-sign-k-0275.pngAdhere to work zone speed limits and be prepared for the unexpected — blown-down lane markers, construction equipment and crew-members crossing travel lanes. Speeding fines in work zones more than double in cost.
  • Leave yourself plenty of time to react by keeping several car lengths in front and behind you — at least one car length for every 10 miles per hour. This is especially important during inclement weather.
  • When the weather turns bad and your wipers are on, remember to have your headlights on too! It's a matter of safety and it's the law.
  • Remember that on the three lane sections of the Turnpike, trucks are prohibited from the far left lane. So whenever possible, move to the right and allow them to pass safely in the middle lane.

If You Have Car Trouble
  • Pull into the breakdown lane as far off as possible--onto the grass if you can.
  • Turn on your four-way hazard lights.
  • Dial 911 to access the nearest state police location and they will dispatch a patrol car or maintenance vehicle to your location.
Roadside Clearing
Maine Turnpike must often clear trees from land close to the road for safety.
Learn more here

Healthy Vehicles Mean Safer Roads
  • Do the Triple Check: Have your mechanic check your belts for wear and slipping and check your hoses and radiator for leaks to avoid your car from overheating.
  • Keep Cool: Check your water and coolant levels in your radiator.
  • The Pressure's On: The temperature outside can affect the air in your tires. After a trip, stop, and check you tire pressure to make sure it conforms to the manufacturer's recommendations.  Ensuring that your tires are inflated to the proper pressure means you won't waste fuel.

Road Stripinglane-striping.jpg
From late spring through fall, you may encounter road-painting crews on the Maine Turnpike. Pay attention! Slow down, stay back, and follow the direction arrows of the paint trucks. If you get too close to the fresh paint (MTA uses environmentally-friendly waterborne paint), it could get on your tires and spray up onto your car.

Winter Driving 
For more information on MTA's winter driving safety tips, check out our Winter Safety page.