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Posted on July 17 at 1:30 PM

This is the Traffic Management Center for the Maine Turnpike
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Due to an electrical issue caused by the passing storms, there is currently no fuel available at the southbound service plaza in Kennebunk.

Updated on 7/17/2018 at 1:33 PM
Please be advised that the miscellaneous alert previously emailed to you has been lifted.

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Maine Turnpike: Thinking Ahead FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
March 18, 2013
Erin Courtney

Storm Forces Rescheduling of Overnight New Gloucester Traffic Stops

Intermittent 20-minute stops needed for overhead sign placement

PORTLAND, Maine – The overnight intermittant 20-minute traffic stops at the New Gloucester Toll Plaza scheduled for tonight (Monday) and tomorrow night (Tuesday) have been cancelled due to the expected winter storm and rescheduled as follows:
Wednesday, March 20:

  • Trooper assisted traffic stops of up to 20 minutes will be conducted between 10pm and 5am at mile marker 65 for motorists traveling northbound.
Thursday, March 21:
  • Trooper assisted traffic stops of up to 20 minutes will be conducted between 10pm and 5am at mile marker 69 for motorists traveling southbound.
The traffic stops are needed to allow overhead sign placement on approach to the newly designed toll plaza and travel lanes without jeopardizing worker or motorist safety.
Drivers are encouraged to adjust their travel schedules in order to avoid the traffic stops during those hours or allow extra travel time to reach their destination. The work zone will be clearly marked by temporary barricades and signage. Please proceed through the work zone with caution, comply with the reduced speed limit, and be alert for construction equipment and personnel.
The Maine Turnpike works to inform the public about planned highway restrictions, but there is a possibility that unscheduled closures or restrictions may occur. Weather can also affect a project schedule.
For more information about this, and other Maine Turnpike Authority projects, please visit
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MTA News

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Tesla charging stations now open at Kennebunk Service Plazas
TRAVEL ADVISORY-Nighttime Closures of Ramps at Exit 32 in Biddeford


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