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Maine Turnpike Construction Advisories

Weekly Construction Advisories

The Weekly Construction Advisories are intended to provide general information about scheduled construction projects for the upcoming week. This schedule of lane closures may change due to weather conditions or other unanticipated events. For daily and more immediate traffic information, please call our toll free, highway advisory line at 1-800-675-PIKE. Immediate traffic information is now available on this Web Site. If you see a flashing "Traffic Alert", click on it immediately for urgent travel information.

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Week of December 21, 2014

 (The weekly travel forecast is intended to provide construction information to patrons of the Maine Turnpike. This schedule of lane closures is subject to change due to weather conditions, traffic incidents or other unanticipated events.)
Ongoing Activities, until further notice:
Mile Marker City/Town Closure Details
19 Toll Wells Due to toll system improvements at the Exit 19 Toll in Wells, the lane 3 northbound entering lane will be closed until further notice.
48 Toll Portland Due to toll system improvements at the Exit 48 Toll Plaza in Portland, there will be a restriction for wide loads (over 10’ wide) on the Maine Turnpike as follows: 
Vehicles and loads over 10’ wide will not be permitted to enter the Maine Turnpike at the Portland/Westbrook (Exit 48) Toll.  This restriction will remain in place until further notice.
79 – 81 Lewiston North and southbound traffic is reduced to a single lane due to interchange construction at Exit 80. 
Weeklong Activities
Mile Marker City/Town Dates Closure Details
46 Portland 12/21 – 12/22 Northbound lane closures from 5 pm to 7 am for bridge construction on the Stroudwater River Bridge.
50 - 51 Portland 12/22 – 12/23 Northbound lane closure from 8 am to 3 pm for bridge work on the Forest Avenue and Riverside Street Bridge.  (Closure will be pulled by noon on 12/23.)
77 – 76 Auburn 12/22 – 12/23 Southbound lane closure from 7:30 am to 3 pm for tree cutting.

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