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The Maine Turnpike Authority is a quasi-state agency created by the Maine Legislature in 1941. The highway opened on a cold day on December 13, 1947. The Maine Turnpike was the first "superhighway" in New England and the first such highway in the United States built without state or federal tax dollars. Since its inception, the Maine Turnpike has set national standards for the way it is financed, maintained and continually improved.


Traffic Cams

View highway images on our web cameras to see up-to-the-minute traffic conditions on the busiest sections of the Turnpike.


MTA Growing Pains

The Turnpike Authority is evaluating how to maintain safe and free-flowing traffic in the Portland area. See what the options are and review the analyses.


Toll Calculator

Instantly tally your trip cost. Choose any entry and exit point to determine the fare for your travel on the Maine Turnpike via E-ZPass MTA.

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