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Heavy Traffic Alert

Posted on June 26 at 11:39 AM

Motorists traveling southbound on the Maine Turnpike are being advised of heavy traffic between York Toll and New Hampshire Line (Mile 0). Please use caution and stay alert while traveling through this area. This message will be updated as conditions change.
Additional Information
Slowed traffic is reported in some areas between York Toll and the NH state line. Use caution in the area and be prepared to stop.

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Road Conditions: 800-675-7453
Turnpike Info: 877-682-9433

Traffic Statistics

tpke.jpgIn addition to measuring Turnpike operations and volume, Maine Turnpike traffic data is a key economic activity indicator. Accordingly, the Maine Turnpike Authority makes traffic data available to the public so all may have access to traffic volume information by year, month and interchange. Additionally, toll revenue data is shared to provide insight into the Turnpike's revenue performance. This data is critically important given that the Turnpike's operations are funded exclusively from its toll revenues, completely independent of any state budget funding.



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