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Volume Discount Program

The Maine Turnpike Authority is proud to offer the Volume Based Discount Program to all of our Maine E-ZPass account holders.  Under this system, frequent travelers of the Turnpike can receive up to a 50% discount off their total fare for the month when taking 40 or more one-way trips.

Benefits of the E-Z Discount Program include:

  • Automatic enrollment--no sign-up required!
  • The MTA no longer require customers to make advance quarterly toll payments
  • Discounts are calculated by adding trips from all vehicles listed on an account (limit of 4).
  • Discounts are based on Maine E-ZPass® rates
  • Discounts are automatically applied to all eligible Maine E-ZPass® accounts after each month for all trips taken that month   

The E-Z Discount Program will be applied as follows:

Number of Trips per Month Discount
30-39 account trips per month 25% discount applied to monthly account trips
40 +  account trips per month 50% discount applied to monthly account trips

To estimate your monthly costs, please review the new rate chart for E-ZPass for rates implemented on November 1, 2012. 

We encourage you to take this opportunity to update your account information online at www.EZPassMaineTurnpike.com or call 1-888-MTA-PASS (1-888-682-7277) for more information or assistance with your account.