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2023.52 Maxwell Brook Culverts at Furbush Rd

Construction Contract Information
St. Laurent & Son, Inc
Bid Amount: $384,930.00
Projected Completion Date: August 26, 2023

Project Information Sheet

General Description of Work
Three 6’ diameter corrugated metal pipes carry Maxwell Brook under Furbush Road approximately 300’ west of the Turnpike in Sabattus.  All three pipes, installed in 1955, have rusted through at the waterline and have begun to collapse on themselves.  Additionally, a seam also failed on each of these pipes allowing the rain on May 1st to erode the embankment fill from above the pipe creating a sinkhole 10-12’ in diameter above the middle pipe.

The work consists of replacing three 6-foot diameter culverts that carry Maxwell Brook under Furbush Road. The work includes pavement removal, excavation and backfill, temporary cofferdams and dewatering, temporary culvert installation, culvert removal and replacement, guardrail removal and reset and paving. 

August 2023 Update

July 2023 Update