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Posted on September 18 at 8:21 PM

Motor vehicle crash on the Maine Turnpike northbound between Exit 7 in York and Exit 19 in Wells. Expect delays and use caution in the area.
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Crash at mile 14 NB in Ogunquit. The right lane is blocked due to construction in the area. Use caution and expect delays.

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Portland Area Mainline (PAM) Improvements - Public Advisory Committee (PAC)

Portland Mainline Needs Assessment

The Maine Turnpike Authority (MTA) is wrapping up its formal needs assessment study to determine how to address growing safety and capacity challenges on the Portland-area section of the Turnpike.PAM study area map
The Maine Turnpike mainline through the Greater Portland area is an essential component of the regional and statewide transportation system. It provides safe and efficient mobility for regional through-traffic, as well as quick and convenient cross-town access to local businesses, municipalities, and other transportation modes.     

The purpose of the Portland Area Mainline (PAM) Study is to assess safety and mobility deficiencies on the Maine Turnpike between Scarborough and Falmouth, Maine and, as needed, recommend practicable solutions that preserve and improve highway mobility for the region in a manner that is consistent with the Sensible Transportation Policy Act, enhances the regional transportation system and meets Maine Turnpike Authority responsibilities and reasonable customer expectations.  

Turnpike customers pay extra to travel on a safe, convenient, well-maintained highway that is reasonably free from chronic congestion and capacity problems.  The Turnpike’s goal is to meet these customer expectations, and anticipate and resolve problems before they reach a crisis point.
The scope of work for this needs assessment included a detailed examination of existing conditions including crash data, traffic volumes and operating conditions, as well as development of an accurate forecast of future traffic growth and future operations. It also included collection of data and analysis and identification and assessment of feasible solutions. Here is the full scope of work.
A public advisory committee (PAC) was also formed to assist the MTA in identifying and evaluating solutions to the safety and capacity challenges. Five PAC meetings took place, between June of 2017 and June of 2018. These meetings were held at Maine Turnpike Authority headquarters (see map below) and were open to the public, with time set aside at the end for public comments and questions.  The roster of PAC members can be found here. 

Alternatives Analysis

In April, the Turnpike Authority completed an analysis of fifteen potential solutions to the increasing number of vehicles using the Portland-area section of the turnpike. These include increasing the availability of public transit, adding more park-and-ride lots and encouraging people to rideshare, increasing tolls during peak travel hours, adding more lanes to the Turnpike between Scarborough and Falmouth, and widening other major highways such as I-295. Click here to see the analysis, as well as a detailed matrix showing how each option compared to the other options.

Portland Area Mainline Needs Assessment Report

Portland Area Mainline Needs Assessment Report, including draft recommendations, is now complete. Below are links to the executive summary, the full report and appendices.

Portland Area Mainline Needs Assessment - Executive Summary 
Portland Area Mainline Needs Assessment - Full Report
Portland Area Mainline Needs Assessment - Appendices



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