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Lewiston Single Point Urban Interchange (SPUI)

Project Background                                                       More Construction Information

In 2010, the Maine Turnpike Authority in coordination with the City of Lewiston and the Maine Department of Transportation established a plan to redesign the Exit 80 interchange in Lewiston Maine.  The need to redesign the interchange was a result of a multi-year planning effort in the Lewiston-Auburn region. 

The new interchange has been designed as a Single Point Urban Interchange (SPUI).  This will be the first SPUI design in the State of Maine.  The SPUI design was selected to reduce impacts on adjacent property owners, reduce impacts on natural resources, improve current traffic operations, and to accommodate the future growth in the region. 

The simulation uses future potential growth and a full build out of Alfred Plourde Parkway.  Initially, the existing three-lane Alfred Plourde Parkway will suffice for current and near term traffic projections.

Project Phasing

The project was designed in phases.  Phase I (which included all the interchange ramps) was awarded in 2013 and construction completed in 2014.  Construction on Phase II (the mainline and bridges) occured between 2014 to 2016.  The third and final phase, Phase III, ties the single point ramps into a single new traffic signal on Alfred Plourde Parkway and is expected to be completed in 2016.   

As part of the Exit 80 redesign, the MTA and the Maine Department of Transportation have also been analyzing the needs on Alfred Plourde Parkway.  Upgrades to Alfred Plourde Parkway will be made as needed to accommodate traffic growth.

This video simulation was created for planning purposes only, and does not reflect the actual design of Alfred Plourde Parkway.