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2018.04 Bridge Painting

Construction Contract Info
Contractor: Southern Road & Bridge, LLC
Bid Amount: $1,516,500
Projected Completion Date: October 12, 2018

Project Scope: This project includes the cleaning and painting of four bridges on the Maine Turnpike.  The work consists of cleaning and painting specified areas of structural steel and metal work, and all non-galvanized bearing assemblies, with a three coat NEPCOAT paint system for the following bridges:

Bridge Name                                          Sq. Ft.                    Mile           Town
Cider Hill Road Underpass                      23,870                   6.2              York
Captain Thomas Road Underpass          12,130                   14.8            Ogunquit
Route 126 Underpass                              14,110                   101.7          West Gardiner
High Street Underpass                              8,440                   103.6          West Gardiner

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