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2017.05 Southern Bridge Repairs

Construction Contract Info
Contractor:  Wyman & Simpson Inc.
Bid Amount:  $984,032.05
Projected Completion Date: November 18, 2017

Modifying Captain Thomas Road Bridge Expansion Joint

Project Scope:  The work consists of repairs to nine bridge structures on the southern end of the Maine Turnpike. The work includes general repairs and modifcations to the following bridges:
  • Beech Ridge Road Underpass, Mile 4.8
  • Cider Hill Road Underpass, Mile 6.2
  • Route 236 Underpass, Mile 1.25
  • York Interchange Underpass, Mile 6.8
The work at these bridges includes concrete deck repair and replacement, concrete substructure modifications and repairs, slope protection repairs, joint repairs, bridge drain extensions, snow fence installation and bridge rail repairs.

Additional work at the following bridges includes:
  • Captain Thomas Road Underpass, Mile 14.8: Joint replacement
  • Two Rod Road, Mile 42: Utility hanger repairs
  • North Street Underpass, Mile 35.3: Utility hanger repairs
  • Tatnic Road Underpass, Mile 15.21:  Utility hanger repairs
  • Route 1 On Ramp (Ramp H) Underpass, Mile 1.8: Sign structure replacement 

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