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2016.11 Emergency Vehicle Ramps

Construction Contract Info
Contractor:  RJ Grondin & Sons
Bid Amount:  $254,251.16
Projected Completion Date: October 28, 2016


Project Scope: Beginning in early August, crews will start constructing two Emergency Vehicle Ramps from Two Rod Road to the Maine Turnpike in Scarborough.  In order to minimize impacts, the southbound ramp will utilize the existing gravel road owned by Central Maine Power, while a new road will be built for northbound access.  These ramps will be gated and are primarily used by the Maine Turnpike Authority snow plows during the winter months, but will also be available for other emergency vehicles, such as the Fire Department or Police Department, as needed. 

The work includes a limited amount of tree clearing, excavation, paving and installation of guardrail and fencing.  Once the work begins, we anticipate the project will last approximately six weeks.  During that time, there could be some minor traffic delays along Two Rod Road.

The need for this project arises from the Authority’s desire to increase safety by having winter maintenance vehicles utilize emergency vehicle ramps (EVRs) during snow removal operations to change direction instead of using a paved median crossover, in this case, located at Mile Marker 40.3.  Utilizing a paved median crossover is an extremely dangerous maneuver in a loaded plow truck during inclement weather as it requires the driver to cross both bounds of traffic to change directions.  Eliminating this maneuver will increase safety for both Patrons of the Turnpike and Highway Maintenance Employees.
The second reason for this project is in order to reduce the cycle time of the Exit 42 plow truck by providing a closer turning point at Two Rod Road than the exiting turning point at the median crossover located approximately 1 additional mile south (two mile round trip) at Mile Marker 40.3.  Reducing the cycle time will allow the plow truck to address snow and ice on the ramps at Exit 42 quicker and more frequently, thus improving the level of service. 

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