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2016.02 Gray: Exit 63 Interchange

Construction Contract Info
Contractor:  Shaw Brothers Construction, Inc.
Bid Amount:  $10,730,114.62
Projected Completion Date: September 29, 2017                               Project Information Sheet

New Southbound Plaza Now Open - as of October 24, 2016


Project Scope: The work consists of highway, bridge, and toll system improvements at the Gray Interchange. These improvements include new southbound ramps and a new southbound toll plaza on the west side of the Maine Turnpike where they are proposed to intersect with Route 202 and Route 26A. The improvements include work along the Maine Turnpike, the northbound and southbound ramps, Route 202 and Route 26A. The toll plaza work includes a new toll administration building and toll plaza at the southbound ramps and reconstruction of the existing toll plaza for the northbound ramps.

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