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2014.10 Lewiston Interchange Phase II

Construction Contract Info
Contractor:  CPM Constructors
Bid Amount:  $8,438,476
Projected Completion Date:  October 15, 2016

SPUI Open - as of October 14, 2016

Project Scope:  The work consists of removing and replacing the existing Turnpike mainline bridges, northbound and southbound, over Alfred Plourde Parkway in the City of Lewiston as well as reconstructing both northbound and southbound mainlines approaching and departing these bridges. The work includes pavement overlay, full depth pavement, gravel, guardrail, structural concrete, concrete deck and parapets, fabrication and erection of steel beams, concrete and pile foundations, mechanically stabilized earth retaining walls, ramp construction, traffic signal installation and roadway lighting.

The work on the southbound bridge will occur during 2015.  Once the new southbound bridge is complete, work will shift to  northbound bridge in 2016.  One lane of traffic will be maintained in each direction in this area of the turnpike during the construction.

3-D Animation of SPUI  

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