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Maine Turnpike Authority Urges Preparation for Winter Driving

Maine Turnpike: Thinking Ahead FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
November 14, 2017
Erin Courtney
CONTACT: Dan Morin (MTA)

Maine Turnpike Authority Urges Preparation for Winter Driving

Winter-Ready open house to highlight how MTA has prepared for upcoming winter season

KENNEBUNK, Maine – As can be seen with the cold temperatures and snow flurries of recent days, winter can come quickly in Maine.  The Maine Turnpike Authority (MTA) is urging everyone to prepare for winter driving by hosting a “Winter-Ready” open house at its Kennebunk maintenance facility on Tuesday, November 14 from 10 AM to 12 PM.   Various roadway safety personnel, including MTA plow drivers, Maine State Police and State Farm Safety Patrol will be on hand with their vehicles to discuss winter storm preparation, share tips about safe driving during the first winter storm and provide explanations and demonstrations of their equipment.  In addition, Kindergartners from nearby Kennebunk Elementary School will attend to meet the members of their community who keep them safe on the Turnpike and to say hi to Miles the Moose.
The Winter-Ready open house will highlight how the MTA has prepared for the upcoming winter season.  “Given the importance of the Turnpike to the Maine economy and high traffic volumes, travelers who pay to use the Turnpike need and expect a high level of service,” said Peter Mills, the Executive Director of the MTA.  “This includes top-notch snow fighting to allow reliable winter travel and to minimize those “white-knuckle” trips,” Mills added.  John Cannell, the MTA’s Director of Highway Operations, said, “We have 77 plow trucks and 20,000 tons of salt all ready to tackle whatever Mother Nature dishes out.  Our drivers are well trained, dedicated and ready to work at all hours to make our customers’ drive as comfortable as possible.”
While the MTA is ready to fight the first snowstorm, the Authority urges all motorists to prepare for winter driving.  The MTA suggests the following:

  • Invest in good snow tires or at least make sure you have plenty of tread left for good traction.
  • Keep your fuel tank close to full to maintain your heat source if stranded.
  • Make sure your windshield wipers are in good shape and washer reservoir is full.
  • Have a basic winter supply kit in your trunk may consist of; a snowbrush and ice scraper, shovel, bag of sand, a blanket, winter clothes and boots.
  • Clear all snow and ice from the entire surface of your vehicle after a snow storm to avoid a pile of snow sliding onto your windshield while slowing down or flying onto the car behind you.
  • When driving in the snow, drive, accelerate, brake, turn and stop slowly.
  • Leave extra space between your car and the vehicle in front of you.
The Maine Turnpike Authority is a quasi-state agency created by the Maine Legislature in 1941. When the Maine Turnpike opened in 1947, it became the nation’s second superhighway and the very first to be funded exclusively through the sale of revenue bonds. While setting standards for maintenance and improvement, the Maine Turnpike continues to be a self-financed operation and does not receive funding from the state or the federal government. Because of its prominence and reputation, it has been designated a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark by the American Society of Civil Engineers. The Maine Turnpike Authority thanks all motorists for their patience during Turnpike improvements, and as always, thank you for driving safely.
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