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2017.04 High St & Winthrop Rd

Construction Contract Info
Contractor:  CPM Constructors
Bid Amount: $2,576,638.06
Projected Completion Date: October 30, 2017

Winthrop Street Bridge will be closed for 55 Days beginning Tuesday, September 5, 2017.


Winthrop Street Bridge

Project Scope:  The work consists of bridge repairs to the High Street bridge in the Town of West Gardiner, Maine and replacing the Winthrop Street bridge superstructure over the Maine Turnpike in the City of Hallowell, Maine.  

  • Winthrop Street Bridge:  The work includes replacing the bridge superstructure including concrete deck and steel girder replacement, concrete substructure modifications and repairs, approach work and paving, guardrail and bridge rails, and maintenance of traffic.  
    • ​​Bridge closing Tuesday, September 5, 2017
    • Bridge to be closed for 55 days during construction
    • Utilizing Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) to shorten duration of closure (typical closure is 150 days)
    • Increasing vertical clearance to 15.5 feet
    • Increasing bridge width by 2 feet to 28 feet
    • $2.3 million estimated construction cost  
  • High Street Bridge:  The work includes bridge pavement and membrane replacement, approach work and paving, deck expansion joint modification, substructure repairs and maintenance of traffic.  More information

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