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Speed Alert

Posted on February 8 at 12:41 PM

At the request of the Maine State Police, speed limits on the Maine Turnpike from New Hampshire Line (Mile 0) to Exit 53 in Falmouth have been reduced to 45 MPH due to snow. Motorists on the Turnpike are asked drive safely, and stay tuned to broadcasts on 1610 AM for the most up to date information. This message will be updated as conditions change.

Updated on 2/8/2016 at 3:03 PM
Speeds are now reduced the entire length of the turnpike due to snow. please use care while driving.

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Road Conditions: 800-675-7453
Turnpike Info: 877-682-9433

E-Z Discount Program

The Maine Turnpike Authority is proud to offer the Volume Based Discount Program to all of our Maine E-ZPass account holders.  Under this system, frequent travelers of the Turnpike can receive up to a 50% discount off their total fare for the month when taking 40 or more one-way trips.

Benefits of the E-Z Discount Program include:

  • Automatic enrollment--no sign-up required!
  • The MTA no longer require customers to make advance quarterly toll payments
  • Discounts are calculated by adding trips from all vehicles listed on an account (limit of 4).
  • Discounts are based on Maine E-ZPass® rates
  • Discounts are automatically applied to all eligible Maine E-ZPass® accounts after each month for all trips taken that month   

The E-Z Discount Program will be applied as follows:

Number of Trips per Month Discount
30-39 account trips per month 25% discount applied to monthly account trips
40 +  account trips per month 50% discount applied to monthly account trips

To estimate your monthly costs, please review the new rate chart for E-ZPass for rates implemented on November 1, 2012. 

We encourage you to take this opportunity to update your account information online at or call 1-888-MTA-PASS (1-888-682-7277) for more information or assistance with your account.
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