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Exit 44 - Open Road Tolling (ORT) Toll Plaza Conversion, Scarborough

Construction Contract Info
Contractor:  Reed & Reed, Inc.
Bid Amount:  $17,444,448.75
Projected Completion Date: November 15, 2019



Project Scope: The work consists of replacing the existing toll plaza, construction of two northbound and two southbound open road tolling (ORT) lanes and two northbound and two southbound cash/E-ZPass lanes.  It also includes construction of a precast pedestrian tunnel for employee access and utilities, construction of an Administration Building, reconfiguration of Exit 1 ramp, construction of snow plow turnarounds, demolition of existing toll plaza and reconstruction of the mainline to accommodate approach and departure grade and alignment differentials at the modified plaza for the Maine Turnpike. The work includes earthwork, pavement, concrete, toll plaza demolition and modification, signing, bridge overpass-mounted, overhead sign structures, concrete barrier, guardrail, electrical work, lighting and lightning suppression systems. The work also includes the installation of tolling provisions in the tunnel, canopy, and toll booth and maintenance of traffic.

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