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2015.14 Gray Park and Ride Lot

Construction Contract Info
Contractor:  Sargent Corporation
Bid Amount:  $1,197,345
Projected Completion Date:  September 18, 2015

Project Scope:  The existing Exit 63 park and ride lot is located opposite of Route 26A at the intersection with Route 202. The park and ride is owned and operated by the Maine Turnpike Authority and consists of 75 spaces with 3 handicap spaces.  

The existing park and ride is very successful and is near or at capacity routinely. As a result of the new interchange layout, the park and ride is proposed to be relocated to MTA’s property on the east side of Route 26A across from the Northbrook Business Park. The right of way layout along Route 26A allowed MTA to locate a driveway in this location. The relocation of the park and ride allows for improved traffic operations and safety in the vicinity of the Route 202 intersection and proposed toll plaza. The proposed park and ride increase the number of spaces to a total of 130 spaces with 5 handicap spaces.

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