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2015.11 West Gardiner ORT

Construction Contract Info
Contractor:  Wyman & Simpson
Bid Amount:  $6,044,467
Projected Completion Date:  September 30, 2016*

*Construction of the ORT plaza has been completed, however testing of the lanes for accuracy is still ongoing.  We expect the plaza to be open by mid-November.

Before                                                          After


While the lanes above look ready, it is the electronics that still need to be configured properly for accuracy.  We will open the lanes as soon as the electronics are functional. 


Project Scope:  The project consists of removal of the four interior toll lanes and constructing one northbound and one southbound ORT lane along with installation of infrastructure and select portions of toll equipment in support of the toll system for the ORT lanes. The work also includes earthwork, pavement and installation of overhead signs. The work will also include the conversion of the four remaining cash lanes to the new Infinity toll collection equipment.   This is part of the 7-year/$125 million toll conversion project.


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