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2015.07 Roadside Clearing

Construction Contract Info
Contractor:  Drew Corp
Bid Amount:  $250,650.00
Projected Completion Date:  June 2016 

Project Scope: This project will include the removal of trees, brush and debris from the roadside, northbound and southbound, between Mile 75.3 and Mile 82.9, and Mile 99.2 and Mile 109.1 of the Maine Turnpike. Vegetation will be removed to a distance of roughly 100 feet from the edge of pavement on both bounds.

The goals of the project are to improve overall roadway safety by removing large trees from the clear zone, reduce shading of the roadway to aid in snow and ice removal operations, and to increase driver reaction times when confronting wildlife crossing the roadway.


Roadside Clearing Informational Brochure 


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