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2015.03 Exit 45-46

Construction Contract Info
Contractor:  CPM Constructors
Bid Amount:  $2,912,345
Projected Completion Date:  October 16, 2015*    

*All work on the Skyway Drive Bridge and the Exit 46 northbound on ramp shall be complete by July 31, 2015  
                  Exit 46 Bridge (Skyway Drive)                                       Exit 45 Bridge

Project Scope:  This project includes work at several Portland area locations including:
  • Pavement overlay of the Exit 46 interchange ramps as well as minor widening of the southbound off-ramp and the northbound on-ramp. The project will also include minor traffic signal improvements.
  • Skyway Drive (Exit 46) bridge repairs including a new pavement wearing surface and repairs to the bridge joints.
  • Exit 45 interchange bridge repair work includes bridge joint repairs, substructure repairs, deck repairs, new bridge deck membrane, paving and approach paving, and the installation of a light weight barrier system.  All work will be done while maintaining traffic on the bridge.  Various traffic configurations will be required during the project in order to complete the work including some ramp closures at night.
  • Installation of conduit on the MCRR bridges at Mile Marker  47.9 and at Mile Marker 0.5 on the Falmouth Spur for a future fiber optic communications line.
  • Snow Fence Installation on bridges at Running Hill Road (MM 45.4); Warren Avenue (MM48.9); and Auburn Street (FS 0.60)
  • Pavement Striping Marking Installation at the Exit 44 northbound off ramp including new pavement markings and signs
  • Relocating an Exit 46 southbound off ramp sign overhead to the Congress Street Bridge to improve visibility

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