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2015.01 Paving MM 51 to 54.5, Falmouth Spur & Route 9 Bridge Repairs

Construction Contract Info
Contractor:  Pike Industries
Bid Amount:  4,789,939
Projected Completion Date:  July 31, 2015 (Falmouth Spur) and August 28, 2015 (Route 9 Bridge)
Printable Project Info Sheet 

                        Falmouth Spur                                                     Route 9 Bridge
Project Scope:  The pavement rehabilitation work consists of milling and filling the traffic lanes going northbound and southbound from Mile 51 to Mile 54.5; 3.8 miles going in both directions on the Falmouth Spur excluding the area either side of the toll plaza; and pavement rehabilitation on the Exit 52 northbound off-ramp and the exit 52 southbound off-ramp.   This work involves drainage improvements, pavement markings and clearzone improvements including guardrail modifications. All work will be done while maintaining at least one lane of traffic in each direction.  Work between Mile 51 to 54.5 will be done during non-peak hours and at night. Work on the Falmouth Spur will be completed during the day due to lower volumes and traffic impacts should be minimal.
The Route 9 bridge repairs will include a new bridge wearing surface, bridge deck repairs and concrete repairs to the substructure. During the repairs traffic on Route 9 will be reduced to alternating one way traffic with the use of temporary traffic signal. In addition portions of the work will also require temporary lane closures on the Falmouth Spur.


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