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Posted on July 17 at 1:30 PM

This is the Traffic Management Center for the Maine Turnpike
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Due to an electrical issue caused by the passing storms, there is currently no fuel available at the southbound service plaza in Kennebunk.

Updated on 7/17/2018 at 1:33 PM
Please be advised that the miscellaneous alert previously emailed to you has been lifted.

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Maine Turnpike: Thinking Ahead FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
August 08, 2014
Erin Courtney

Maine Turnpike Authority Announces Speed Limit Increase

New Speed Limits Will Take Effect Beginning Monday, August 11, 2014

PORTLAND, Maine – The Maine Turnpike Authority announced Friday that, starting Monday, August 11, 2014 the maximum speed of travel along the Turnpike will increase by five miles per hour (mph) in many locations.  The current speed limit allowed on the Turnpike is 65 mph. While much of Interstate 95 along the Turnpike will become 70 mph, there are exceptions that should be noted:

  • South of mile 2.1 on I-95 in Kittery, the maximum speed will remain at 65 mph.
  • Through Greater Portland, north of mile 44.1 in Scarborough and south of mile 52.3 in Falmouth the maximum speed will go from 55 mph to 60 mph.
  • On the Falmouth Spur, the maximum speed will move from 50 mph to 60 mph.  
 “With the improvements that have made Maine’s interstates safer, such as added guardrails in the median and clearing along the highway, it makes sense to raise the speed limit to the rate of which most people are already traveling, if it is safe to do so,” said Executive Director Peter Mills. “Motorists need to remember that this is a maximum speed.  We urge motorists to respect conditions and to drive safely, no matter what the posted speed may be.”
Turnpike maintenance crews will begin changing signage along the roadway at 5:00 a.m. on Monday morning.  There are approximately 100 signs to be replaced.  Please exercise caution when approaching these or any other highway work crews.           
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Map of MTA Speed Limit Changes - Effective August 11, 2014

MTA News

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